Fill your seats

Zeal Sports Digital runs profitable digital campaigns to improve your online ticket sales.

Why Work With Zeal?

Take the guesswork out of campaigns

Our team has more than a decade's worth of experience in sports and entertainment. We've run profitable digital campaigns for some of the most prestigious sports events in North America.

Get a positive ROI

Achieving an ROI is today's landscape is difficult. We can help you sell more with digital campaigns and provide the attribution to show what's working.

Focus on other parts of your business

Don't depend on your intern on new hire to figure it out. Let our team handle your digital campaigns and you can go back to doing what you know best.

About Us

Zeal Sports Digital is a digital-first, strategy-focused agency based in Indianapolis, IN.

Our founder, Ryan Sawrie, has worked in digital marketing for 15+ years and in the sports world for nearly a decade.

His experiences with digital campaigns include the biggest motorsports, basketball and olympic sporting events in the country.


Minor League Hockey

Hall of Fame


What do you do for me?

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We take on any or all of the elements of your digital campaigns. Our most common service is media buying and optimization on Facebook and Google. We can also handle your graphic design, organic social and SEO needs.

How much do I have to spend?

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We work with any media spend budget. We certainly recommend minimum levels of spend per platform, but our pricing isn't dependent on your media spend.

What does it cost to work with your team?

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We have set cost packages to work your brand. Our pricing model makes it really easy to understand how much it costs to work with us. Book a discovery call today and we can walk you through our model.

Do I know you?

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It's possible. Our founder and head of strategy, Ryan Sawrie, has worked in sports for nearly a decade. He also wrote the book Build Your Digital Strategy.